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Book launch - History of Banat

Cultural exit Program for the middle of next week.

The National Museum of Art of Romania and the Timişoara Art Museum invites you on Wednesday, May 24, 17:00, at the presentation and debate on the book-event “History of Banat: Studies on the peculiarities of a region The...Read More »

Recommendation: Life of Kostas Venetis - Octavian Soviany


Last year on a fall day we went to visit Casa Costa Foru, temporarily opened at that time for the public. On this occasion, I witnessed a literary lecture where a chapter of Kostas Venetis’s life was read by Octavian Charlotte. I must...Read More »

6 books to buy at Gaudeamus

Between November 20 – 24, 2013 is conducted in Bucharest, at Romexpo, Gaudeamus 2013, one of the most important annual book fairs.

I always go with the thought of buying many books and end up losing myself among the shelves and agglomeration. So I find it auspicious...Read More »

On Book Day

I celebrate the Book Day, because the moment inspired me.

Well, if it’s her birthday, I’d say she should be supported again for that reason, instead of running away to flock me in the old center to get a free book from the ones that were givenRead More »


I knew since I first saw it that this book must be read quietly, with all due attention and if I do so will repay me with a piece of its wisdom.

After the first day of walking through Torremolinos, This...Read More »

Cleaning in the Library

I recently bought a bliblioteca because my living room was filled with strung boxes all over the place where the books were stored. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a library in a classic style and that’s why I did it on command, because, let’s face...Read More »

Tax Gods

Andrei Savescu writes books about lawyers, but doesn’t forget US accountants 🙂

“And the economic world is made up of layers. Above all, there are the major tax gods: tax and tax.

Then follows other divinities: fines, penalties, contributions and others,...Read More »

The story of a book – Mother of Pearl S. Buck

Recently, an unusual occurrence, he awakened my interest in reading again, took me out of the Lancezeala specifying the times in which we live, reminded me (although it is still not clear how a feeling so exalted can look from time to time)...Read More »

This post is also available in: roRomână