Le Petit Olivier – Antipollution face care

Le Petit Olivier – Antipollution face care

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Last night, in Bucharest, in the beautiful garden of the Florens flower shop, I have been invited to a tres chic garden party to discover the anti pollution skin care presented by Le Petit Olivier.

The older I get, the more I am interested in skincare products, the ones that protect my skin from external factors, like the sun and the dust, and the anti-pollution range by Le Petit Olivier, that contains 90% natural ingredients, promises to do exactly that. I’ve already started testing the Foam Anti Polution Mask and I will continue to use it for a week to get a full idea.

To be a little on point with the scope of this blog and how this post fits in the theme of the blog, as you know if you follow me on Youtube, I became very passionate and conscientious in terms of the concept of downsizing and savings.

I don’t spend money anymore buying nonsense and I’m very careful what I put on my skin and what I eat. I’m looking for natural things at affordable prices and despite the fact that I’ve embarked on this road thinking that all that is good for me is also expensive, I came to realize that if you invest enough time to educate yourself, you can come across quality products at affordable prices.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this mask that I started using ever since I got home last night, cost around 25 lei (5$) . All of their products are very affordable and last night I was surprised to say that it seems to me that this mask at 25 Lei is doing more for me than the much more expensive masks I’ve been using so far. I know, it’s just one use, and it’s not fair to give an opinion after a single use, but last night it seemed to me that it did something to my complexion, that it was brighter and firmer.

The shower gel I have not yet tested, but on the label it says it has no dyes, no soap and contains no fenoxientanol and parabens. To be honest, I don’t know what these terms mean, but if they’re put in the “doesn’t contain” box, this product it’s much better than what I’m currently using.

I will not talk about the technical details of these products, I rather  want to introduce you to the Le Petit Olivier universe, to tell you their story as I perceived it last night. Enjoy!

In the gorgeous Garden of the Florens flower shop in Bucharest

The hosts made us feel like  we were in the south of France

With a glass of prosecco (of which I have already drunk half before I get to take pictures)

They served us with the wonderful food of Degusteria Francesca (which I recognized instantly and that I have missed)

And they presented us with their range of anti-pollution products, shower gels and solid soaps made from natural ingredients. I took home for testing their shower gel with Blackcurrant (which smells divine) and Foam Mask with almond flowers from the antipollution range. I’ll keep you posted!

With Beautiful People

And me 

I ended the evening with some Portuguese music (what a coincidence!)

And we said “Good-bye!” to our wonderful hosts from Le Petit Olivier team, with thanks for a superb evening, hoping to see them again soon! 🙂

Soon I’ll post the vlog from this event on my Youtube channel, so if you want to see the action live, stay close!

Leave me in the comments if you are familiar with these products, I only last night got acquainted with this brand, and I want to know your opinion, if you used them before. Both as quality and price, because let’s not forget, we are debating here ways to live more beautiful and healthier, with as little money as possible.

This post is also available in: roRomână

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