How was the accounting workshop for mommies entrepreneurs

Accounting WorkshopLast week, in collaboration with the Work at Home Moms Association we organized as part of their entrepreneurial coaching program for mothers, an accounting workshop .

Mainly we talked about the start-up phase, about the differences between the various forms of fiscal organization. We took the SRL and the company and the Srl-D and II and the NGO and we turned the face and the DOS, trying to establish together with each mother, the form of organization that suits him better.

We’ve been talking about when we become paying of VAT, about imports and intra-Community acquisitions, about when we have the obligation to have an accountant, how much an accountant costs, how we choose an accountant. As you can see, we’ve discussed everything.

How’d it Go? It was hard. I do this every day, on a micro level, explaining to my clients various shoulders, answering ad hoc questions. But it seems a lot harder to be in front of a lot of people, each with their own problem and you have an applied, targeted speech, but at the same time be generally valid. Plus, I had super emotions, I couldn’t say exactly why.

I was very stressed that I would not be able to transmit information to people, that I would not be understood, and at the end we asked them all: Did you understand, I was Clara? If you come up with any ideas please e-mail me and I will answer!

All in all, an unedited experience, which I’m thinking of repeating! ­čÖé

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