Food Bloggers Conference Winter Edition 2015

Food Bloggers Conference Winter Edition 2015

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Usually, about an event I know exactly what I’m going to write from the moment I leave there. Actually, the articles are half-written since the conference. At this conference… nothing! This is what I experienced as a sensory experience, maybe because it was about food, and I have a special relationship with food. I’m a gourmet, a pofticioasa, I like to eat a little of many ways and I could only live with chocolate. That must have been, the chocolate fountain blew me off and I couldn’t pay attention to anything that was said on the stage.

This conference was able to make a few things that I loved before, disparate, with no connection to anything specific or any connection between them.

First took place at the Radisson. For me, Radisson Hold’em has special place in my heart because it is basically in my back yard, a two-minute walk from the house. It’s really cool to wake up, get off the block and be at the conference in two minutes. It’s like staying in the hotel practically. I still love the Radisson for his party OktoberFest parties I’ve been going to for a few years, it’s already a tradition for us. I’m going to the gym. I feel at home.

Secondly, one of the sponsors of this conference was Lidl. I don’t usually say anything about sponsors, but I looooove Lidl. So much so that I, who sit in the center, where there is no Lidl store, go an hour and something to any neighborhood I grab (usually to the military) so I can buy from them. It wouldn’t hurt to open shops and more central areas, not just in neighborhoods. I like the products of their Deluxe range but also the variety of cheese, and I generally appreciate the fact that I find things I can’t find in other stores. I’m a big fan of novelty.



Food Coaching – A new trend

Yet I succeeded, so among all the marvels of raw vegan cakes and chocolate fountains to retain and some interesting ideas. I found out that there is a new trend called food coaching, which can be defined as a relationship between a person who wants to change his eating habits and another person who helps you do that in the medium and long term.

Obviously, the question of the difference between food coach and nutritionist appeared instantly from the public, and the answer was this: nutritionist is a doctor who prescribes a recipe, more complex, finally give a recipe for Your problem, which you apply until you reach a goal. The doctor does not make a knowledge transfer, does not teach you how to do that when the diet (recipe) ends, you maintain your results. Because no diet can last a lifetime and this fixed solution is not feasible in the long run. The food coach teaches you how to change your food habits forever and they remain changed. It does not necessarily help to weight, though the weakening comes with a healthy living.

And as a conclusion, if there were only one universal rule to respect, to make us feel better in our body this would be: eat more vegetables!

And a little bit of theory about food

Mrs. Irina Sachi, researcher at the National Institute for Research and Development for food Bioresources Bucharest, had a very technical presentation. If I got anything out of this presentation it was that my paranoia about food and how every single thing you put in your mouth shortens your life, is at least a small measure supported by scientific facts.

The amount of information and knowledge you must have to determine today if a food is safe (that is assuming that you will not believe that just because you find it on the shelf is safe) is approaching easily from that of a beginner nutritionist. However, food education must be part of our life, it is our responsibility to inform ourselves, in a country where we do not even have a database on the origin of food on the market and safety information Their.

Yes, it’s a trend to treat every dish as a danger of death. But it is also jusificata this fear of everything you put in your mouth. At least it’s for me. It’s not just a fad to be careful, super careful, slightly obsessively attentive to what you eat.

In the end, one conclusion comes to mind, namely the words of one of the speakers. 2 things sucks: change and the way things are. We don’t agree on the way things are in our food, but the change isn’t exactly easy. If not supported, by those around you, by a food coach, by your friends, your will will never make the girl alone. Not in the long run.

This post is also available in: roRomână

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