Enter Olympics charity event for children

Enter Olympics  charity event for children

There is no childhood without a toy… preferred. My doll was called Pumușica (from Frumuşica). Little Cosmetizată and cared for, I will bring it and I will donate it to the J.O.C. campaign I invite you to join the most beautiful act we can do around Santa Claus coming, to bring the smile to the face of less fortunate children. ” said Felicia Filip, director of the Comedy Opera for children.

The people who want to donate a toy, can do it by coming to the Children’s comic office (Calea Giuleşti, No. 16) where, from 28 November to 12 December, there is a gift box available to the public daily from 8 to 22.

After their selection and hygiene, they will be donated by artists of the comic to children, disadvantaged children from several special schools, placement centres and orphanages in Bucharest.

Luiza Daneliuc
Luiza Daneliuc

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