I’ve lived the weeks between the I and II of the election, like any day of my life. Surrounded by skeptics, many „can’t get out Iohannis no matter how much I like to believe in stories,” How cool it would be but you won’t see it. ” In a word, a lot of resignation in the air and no hope. I thought, if it was a good time for a miracle to happen, that would be one of them.

I lived election day surrounded by people who were afraid to open their mouths to tell me I was hoping for nothing. Some really do not understand that our supreme force of men is the energy we are able to exude at the exact moment we believe in something, in which we want with all our soul one thing. It doesn’t matter then-as it has been shown-no matter the figures, no matter the reason and the logic, it doesn’t matter the odds that you enter a competition.

Many things I learned yesterday about the Roman people and about me.

We are motivated by excellence by example Power. So far we’ve only seen negative things around us that have even led the cleanest and most optimistic of us to step on the crook. Yesterday we were motivated by a positive example. Starting with the first novel to vote in New Zealand and whose message reached so many Romans, motivandu them to vote.

Then the diaspora followed, these „parents” more responsible, more accustomed to civic responsibility, more aware of the real power even a single vote-showed us that we could, made us feel involved and strengthened. Because we have this impression that the people who are out there are going to lead rosy, that they deserted, turned our backs and forgotten us. Now, I found out maybe more clearly than ever that most of them went bad what they were, as they wish to return (it is a unitary cry of all those outside-want to return) and for that they made sacrifices which for us are unimaginable-10 hours of state Tails in the cold, standing, in the rain. We’re barely moving our asses to the corner. For them, this gesture represents normality. But let’s not overlook it, this thing with the back in Romania, for them is a long-term plan. No one will return to Romania tomorrow, just because he won Iohannis. In the short term, they stood in line for us, not for them. A sacrifice for those left behind at home and beyond. A sacrifice and for the unknown, of unknown new people. Thousands of messages from those who sat in the cold yesterday in tails abroad and who were praying for us, these people in the country, sitting comfortably on the couch or through malls to vote. They didn’t swear, they didn’t make us incapable, uneducated, iresposabili. And most of all, they didn’t let us into the Lord’s pay, in our grief, they didn’t abandon us.

That’s how lessons are learned, by example power. We know and recognize only the power of taxation. You do as I say! Now we learn another way: Here’s how I do it, what do you think you want to be like me? As we try to raise our children „otherwise” that’s how they tried to educate us, otherwise. And at least for one day, they did.

Last but not least, the reserved attitude of the new President, interpreted by a few as the lack of things to say, interpreted by most as a proof of common sense and normalcy, gave us a lesson of good manners, as we should also react when Someone improascaing us with mud, on the street, on the block, alive. I’ve been trying since I know how to learn this lesson and it doesn’t really work out. I hope that now I will have an additional example of how to be dignified and polite, detached from misery and attached to normalcy.

This optimist obsolete, led to absurdity, this invesunare in believing in „stories” has saved me many times. I don’t see why it couldn’t work for this country, which has reached a point where, right or left, whatever you are, I’m sure you think like I do: only a miracle can save her. Let’s hope the miracle just happened.

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