The trip to Dublin – on a low cost airplane

I made my best half, birthday present, a surprise trip to Dublin. He didn’t know where we were going until the moment we got to the airport. That’s where I let him guess at random from the destinations displayed on the departure table. He didn’t hit her on the first one either. ­čÖé

In line at the boarding point, he told me I’d surprise him with his departure destination and that he would now have to surprise me when I got back. The idea seemed brilliant and I told her that I would be very happy when one day she would let me know that the return destination would not be this airport that we are now standing on.

I flew with Raynair. If you want to see the real low cost fly with them. Although the actual flight conditions were incomparable worse than with Wizzair and Blueair-and here I am referring to tiny chairs and super crowded, dirty, without magazines to waste your time, not even the magazine in which you presented the products you They were selling it wasn’t for everyone at the discretion-if you wanted it lift two fingers, like at school and you were asking for a copy. If you wanted another magazine or a newspaper, you were paying him. What’s up, economy to the fullest! But, overall, it wasn’t a bad experience at all. Very friendly staff. Passengers-good quality! If you can believe it, they didn’t even applaud the landing! :))

This departure was on the run. I packed the bags at the last second, and not even on the way to the airport I didn’t have that „how cool, I’m going on vacation”feeling. Though I give Good tips Others, I’m unable to follow.

However, it was a welcome break, five days of active relaxation. I left home without a plan (this is what happens when I organize things-I like to let things happen and not force them into one direction) and we have come to visit and do more things than on holidays where we have a well-defined plan from home.

The idea of the program to visit encloses me and for some time it even started to depress me. It makes me realize that I’m just a tourist in a place where I’m allowed to exist for a infima period of time and that’s just in a well-delimited space, downtown where all the attractions are. Either I’m attracted to the real life of the locals and I’m looking for experiences that show me what it would be like to live there.

More about Dublin, the city that rivals my heart with London in the coming days.

Dublin Panorama

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