Charles Aznavour and recurring bills

Charles Aznavour and recurring bills

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Have you ever listened to Charles Aznavour Monday morning while setting up recurring invoices for accounting services and Stabileati list to DO absolutely kilometrica for the month in which it just begins?Well, I tell you it’s sublime! Charles Aznavour has a duet among others and Julio Iglesias and put it like this, one by another no matter how much I love French, Julio wins whatever it is.

Julio gives me a terrible stomach ache, while Charles calms me down like you never saw, makes me forget it’s Monday. And yet I prefer Julio. You say it’s not like that in life! It may be the Latin blood that leans towards the melody of the Spanish language, that’s how I like to hope, that’s the reason, and not the fact that a whole generation if not more, we were programmed by the times we lived to choose all the time the variant that makes us the most Bad, and let us love it!

Use this new beginning of spring, the moon, as a start for a new habit: to choose for you only what will use you in the long run, just what will really do well and not just what will make you feel good at the moment. Pick the salad, not the pizza!

Beautiful Spring!

This post is also available in: roRomână

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