And you say you take a day off

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Sometimes I wake up in the morning with a mood not to go to the office, which is maybe the main reason why I didn’t get a job. Most of those who know me think I couldn’t bear to have the boss, but the reality is that now, after so many years of responsibilities, I would like to have just one function of execution. I think. My problem with the employee was actually all the time, which is that I’m incapable of waking up in the morning, day by day, for a long period of time. Every once in a while I need to sleep till 10 am.

So, maybe you didn’t know (I mean sure you didn’t know) but there are days (unscheduled) when I wake up in the morning and I feel like I just don’t want to get dressed today. I’m not a millionaire in dollars, so that doesn’t mean I don’t work! I work from the couch and in my pajamas, wearing this, taken from Jumbo:

And that’s how I work harder when I’m home than some days when I actually go to the office. As a done, in those days the emergencies appear, then call the phones, then the earth crashes or the server cracks. Right that day!

Analyzed this situation with the prabusitul of the world, we reached two conclusions, which apply in everyday life, not just in an accounting office:


  1. It just seems to me that the world is collapsing around me, and in some cases perhaps it would be better to let the situation manage itself, if you know what I mean
  2. Every day “the world is collapsing.” Only when I’m not there to manage the situation, I realize that; I basically don’t record disasters when I’m in the middle of them, but only when I look off the edge and I can’t help but interfere.


February lesson is that I have to relax a little bit. I’m too nervous. Not even every missing comma represents a disaster. Although… in my line of work, this is exactly how a disaster looks like! 🙂

This post is also available in: roRomână

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