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ANAF responds: Submitting form C801-Request for assignment number order register of electronic tax recorders

Because it’s a new topic, let’s offer a bit of legislative context.

Electronic cash registers become compulsory

The obligation was introduced to change the cash registers with the electronic paper roll, which will transmit to ANAF the data using an XML attached to a PDF declaration that will be transmitted...Read More »

Submission of the unique declaration SPV - an alternative site was created because the main one still fails

With thanks to DGFP Dambovita that sends all kinds of utlile information about the legislation and not only to the subscribers.

In view of facilitating the deposit of the single declaration by SPV, an alternative site was created, namely:


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ANAF responds: How do I fill out the unique statement for the representations in 2018

As usual, I synthesized the clear and useful answers of ANAF on this topic. I added some of my mentions. You can find in the article and the videos that we have made from which you can see step by step how to complete the unique statement.

Many of you prefer writing articles, or looking for articles written on this topic, that’s why they put the information in this form.

However, when we talk about completion, it’s easier to see with your own eyes exactly what box to click on than to tell you a 20-page...Read More »

Rent income 2018 - Calculation, contributions, declaration

For rent revenues, things are simpler than copyright, so simple that I managed to explain everything you need to know in 5 minutes of video. We also have an example of completing the single declaration for rent incomes with a specific case for those who have more than 1 rental...Read More »

Copyright in 2018 - practical situations and calculation of contributions

Of all the changes in the year 2018 regarding the new taxation system for independent activities, it seems to me that copyrights are the most oropsite. The most complex changes occur for people who earn royalties because they have to determine whether they have the obligation to deposit...Read More »

ANAF responds: The unique Declaration 212 how to fill in for self employed

Until I made the video with the way of completing the unique statement, it moved ANAF and answered some questions on the subject, especially for those who have the business. It’s not ANAF very clear, but something, something you can still learn from the information they’ve submitted. As...Read More »

What declarations to submit for a romanian SRL non VAT payer

For those who want and believe they can keep their accounts on their own. As I said in the video below, I do not encourage, I do not recommend, but if you are doing it, make it aware of the cause. It’s like that in life, isn’t it?...Read More »

Q&A Accounting and tax issues from subscribers

I’ve officially remained without ideas for Youtube videos. Either the inspiration is expected during this period, or I am very tired and nothing seems interesting enough to make a video on that theme. Either way, that’s the situation we’re scrolling into right now.

Planning to make a...Read More »

ANAF responds: Taxation in 2018 (social contributions and income tax) for independent activities/II/copyrights

As I have accustomed you, the answers ANAF, on the allotments explained where the expression is too with copy paste from the law.

UPDATE: Find in the article The addition models of the unique declaration for the income norm, rents and dividends.

question: Hello, if I am employed...Read More »

ANAF responds: When you have to fill the tax resident form for Romania

Extremely clear and object answers from the ANAF, with the official confirmation of what I said

in this video

, namely that
If you left the country before the law enters into force (year 2012) You do...Read More »

ANAF Reply: Split VAT

A lot of questions and a few clarification from ANAF on this subject. I leave them here for posterity, you obviously find them on the website ANAF or on their FB page. I pointed out with red what I thought was more important and lamuritor.

This post is also available in: roRomână