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Advantages and disadvantages when hiring college students and graduates in accounting

There are many unwritten advantages unrecognizable in working with college graduates or even those who haven’t finished college yet. Of course there are many disadvantages. Not everyone has the nerves and patience or skill, to explain to someone what to do and to have months of patience for...Read More »

Q&A Accounting and tax issues from subscribers

I’ve officially remained without ideas for Youtube videos. Either the inspiration is expected during this period, or I am very tired and nothing seems interesting enough to make a video on that theme. Either way, that’s the situation we’re scrolling into right now.

Planning to make a...Read More »

Monday, CECCAR, money laundering, Cote d'azur

Hey, yesterday was Monday and ever since night in the head I started at CECCAR, I had some money to give them, and all yesterday, there was also a course with and about money laundering. I know, I always blow my helmet, the course is about preventing money...Read More »

Automations in Accounting - or how I work less

I keep hearing around me, concerns, panic and horror about how robots are going to take over our work. Like this, and? Don’t you guys want to sit on a beach and read a year in Provence or even be in Provence while the robots work for you?...Read More »

10 demoralizing thing in May

Don’t let anyone think that the accountant’s life is only pink.

demoralizing phase No. 1

We also work with companies in other fields and we recommend each other, when appropriate. One of these collaborators insisted that I take a paper, which I’m not good at doing because it’s...Read More »

Contabill - the most modern accounting event

Words cannot express enough how much soul the organizers put in the event that marked 10 years after the establishment of


! Organized in a 5-star pomp setting within the InterContinental Hotel, the event was exclusively...Read More »

The future of accounting in Romania

Accountants, get ready! SmartBill celebrates 10 years of existence and aims to celebrate this event with us.

Therefore, in a 5-star framework, SmartBill invites representatives of accounting firms to socialize and discussions on current topics, including:

-Tax News

-Impact of technology on accounting

-Security in Accounting

-Case studies with...Read More »

This post is also available in: roRomână