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ANAF responds: Submitting form C801-Request for assignment number order register of electronic tax recorders

Because it’s a new topic, let’s offer a bit of legislative context. Electronic cash registers become compulsory Read More »

Submission of the unique declaration SPV - an alternative site was created because the main one still fails

With thanks to DGFP Dambovita that sends all kinds of utlile information about the legislation and not only to the subscribers. In view of facilitating the deposit of the single declaration by SPV, an alternative site was created, namely:  … Read More »

ANAF responds: How do I fill out the unique statement for the representations in 2018

As usual, I synthesized the clear and useful answers of ANAF on this topic. I added some of my mentions. You can find in the article and the videos that we have made from which you can see step by… Read More »

Advantages and disadvantages when hiring college students and graduates in accounting

There are many unwritten advantages unrecognizable in working with college graduates or even those who haven’t finished college yet. Of course there are many disadvantages. Not everyone has the nerves and patience or skill, to explain to someone what to… Read More »

How do I fill out the unique declaration for self employed

Many of you prefer writing articles, or looking for articles written on this topic, that’s why they put the information in this form. However, when we talk about completion, it’s easier to see with your own eyes exactly what box… Read More »

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This post is also available in: roRomână

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