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Always dreaming about moving abroad. In the meantime I am an accountant based in Bucharest but really taking it globally these days. I plan to write my memoirs sometimes soon.

Professional BACKGROUND

In Everyday life I am an expert accountant and I own the accounting firm Smart Tax Advisors. Although the company was founded in 2010, as a rebranding, we have been activating on the market for almost 20 years, I have been working since high school.

I experienced the corporate concept and I didn’t like it, so I proposed that my company be like a little shop we find on a alley street in the last century. It still keeps his 100-year-old commercial and scores of solid wood. That’s where you find the best things in town that a gentleman who owns the store is selling, which has done all his life and who knows and loves his job as his eyes. He wouldn’t want to change places with anyone and nothing in this world. He had many proposals to popularize his business or to end partnerships with large chains of shops. He turned them all down without blinking. He always wanted to remain a little obscure store on a alley street, always close to his clients, who remained loyal to him over the years.

In my fabulous past I did a little bit of everything: little audit for E & Y, Little ghost-writing on Upwork.com, taught courses for implementation of computer programs (Loooong story), little content for various sites, little planning of Events and exhibitions.

Currently (period 2010-2018)

At Smart Tax Advisors, along with my team, we try to show our clients the human face of accounting. We work with many artists and NGOs, which made us develop a simple language for complicated terms and increased patience when dealing with ANAF.

From 2012 I write on my blog personal articles accounting and tax, attacking thorny and little discussed issues, shortcomings of the profession, or on the contrary, reasons why someone would want to choose this profession. I also write articles about cultural events in Bucharest, impressions of personal travels and interviews and thoughts with and about the beautiful people I meet.

I collaborate in parallel and with other publications that ask me for articles on various topics. The collaborations are both punctual, for example, like the one with Good morning, Bucharest! for which I wrote a series of articles and Drungli Blog for which I wrote Discover The hidden beauty of Bucharest or Sibiu-The less known Capital of Culture and the long-term, how for example is the one with AvocatNet and SmartBill.

Since 2015 we have launched a consultancy service for freelancers who want access to accounting and fiscal consultancy related to their online business. I thought this service as one accessible to all in terms of how to submit information, in a simple, usual language, as well as in terms of tariff.

In August 2017 I opened my Youtube account and post videos about Contabilicesti things explained in plain language. Please Subscribe! 🙂

I thank my colleague very much Mirela Lupu, which on the channel or Youtube made a video about how to choose your accountant, based on an article I wrote. I invite you to follow the other videos, I really like explaining the complicated accounting terms! 🙂


I’m very proud of my collaboration with Ceccar Suceava Which, based on my articles describing a little about the life of an accountant, organized a series of events for accountants with the theme “Communication – a necessity of the accounting profession”. To promote these events, they made a film based on everything on my articles.

You can watch the movie below:


Until December 2017 I helped them with voluntary accounting on the newspaper Good morning, Bucharest!

All the good mornings, Bucharest! They gave me the chance to fill out another old dream (other than to write “to the newspaper” and that is to be, even for one day, an actress. What came out you see in the video below.

Photos BY ME

Because I have a very bad memory, I’ve made a habit of capturing pictures of all the important and beautiful moments I’m going through. So was born the interest for photography, which remained strictly to the rank of vacation hobby.

Jazzy Bar

Jazzy Bar-Nice memories

Resin Houses

Road to Resin




Somewhere near Saint-Tropez


Flowers. Nice. 🙂

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This post is also available in: roRomână

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