5 sites that pay you for what you write between 40 USD and 400 USD per item

5 sites that pay you for what you write between 40 USD and 400 USD per item

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You want to take a sabbatical year and travel but don’t know how to support? Write! 🙂 To be paid for what you write, to be recognized your resourcefulness, creativity is the dream of many of us (these with blogs). To become famous authors published.

Because when I put something in my head, I usually succeed, after listening to the left and right opinions “endorsed”, all stipulating the fact that the heat is to blame for my “crazy” ideas (between us, these ideas we had last winter, so I don’t see such as the warmth of guilt…) I started to study the problem methodically, in my characteristic style.

And I found out that obviously you can sit comfortably on the couch, on the beach, on the terrace, in any place you find your inspiration and write about anything. And get paid for it. How? Through the profile sites. There are countless guides about “How to become a professional travel writer”. There are plenty of sites that help you, guide, teach you and pay you for what you write. I found this:

1. Upwork (www.upwork.com)- The largest community of freelancers in the world; You can be paid very well on this site but it takes a long time to build a strong profile and find the right customers; You might have to write for less money in the beginning to get
Good reviews.

2. MetroParent (http://www.metroparent.com/write-us/) -magazine about parenting, will pay between 35 USD and 50 USD for a short article and around 350 USD for a long article.

3. SitePoint (https://www.sitepoint.com/write-for-us/)-
Site about webdevelopment that requires advanced and technical knowledge to accept your articles; The articles will have at least 1500 words and will be paid with a fixed amount e 100 USD per item; The very thing is that if your article generates 100,000 page views you will still be paid 250 USD bonus.

4. Asses for Writers (www.fundsforwriters.com/submissions)- Find practical articles to help future writers get paid for what they write; He appreciates the most structured articles as “success stories”; I can pay you for that even 45 USD per short article.

5. Photoshop Tutorials (photoshoptutorials.ws/money-photoshop/) -Find articles about Photoshop; I pay you with 50 USD for a short article, and with 300 USD for a full tutorial.

I wish you success in writing, reading and experimenting.

This post is also available in: roRomână

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