13 Top ideas from Future of Media 2017

13 Top ideas from Future of Media 2017

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The days I spend at conferences represent my attempt to make contact with new ideas, with new people (what’s right, with less people, my favorite sport is to watch them from a distance sipping from a good coffee, necessarily ground on the spot) and especially with New industries.

Even if a media conference or one of the food (as it follows immediately) has no connection with the accounting, the life stories of the people who climb the stage, the ideas exposed there, a thousandth from a stolen idea from the scene combined with my unique way of seeing the evidence EMA, it can generate a lifesaving solution, a unique and new perspective that I couldn’t otherwise create.

I’m giving you 13 condensed ideas from a media conference, which I invite you to pass through the unique filter of your life and trust that they will generate the end of the tunnel that you need, even if you bake bread or paint and do not have NIC It’s a technology thing.

13 ideas that have attracted me to my attention

A publisher should also have a responsibility towards the public and not just check targets.


Do not be dependent on a single distribution channel, especially in the context that Facebook announces major changes in the algorithm. The only stake at this time is Facebook what can become or is already very dangerous. Diversified content distribution networks.



We should learn from industry giants to collaborate even with our direct rivals, if not especially with them, because together we can generate a greater profit than working separately and divided.


Data is the new oil!


Let’s Make the Truth great again!


No sane brand in the head will use clickbait as a business model


Marketing challenges: The biggest challenge of a marketing man is time and timing. You cannot create quality content, unique and interested unless: you have an interesting and rich life in various experiences, if you make an effort to get out of your bubble, from your environment and understand the people you are addressing that content; And don’t forget to take a break from time to time from the creative process, to let the brain have that brilliant idea. You need to see the connection between personal experience and project.


Your Best bet is to leverage emotion. When you are emotionally linked to a product, the man buys up to 75% more from you; Emotional communication is more relevant to profit than communicating in which you combine rational with emotional. Pure emotion is the key to success.


There are 2 big hurdles in the way of entrepreneurs who want to expand their business in the near future, respectively in 2018: High taxes/chaotic legislation and lack of skilled workforce; There’s widespread disinterest in people to work, people don’t want to be working.


Buy locally, buy creative!


You may think you’re a small business with nothing to communicate, or maybe with zero audience, that no one’s interested in what you have to say, but remember: “If you build it they will come!” Interaction with the public must be built in time and validated in time, like any other relationship.


When you can offer emotion to the client, do it without thinking of quantifying this, without thinking of a measurable stake in figures.


If you want to have a successful relationship with a influencer, remember: Influence is not for sale! You are not buying views here, you are building a human face to your brand and build a relationship with the customer. You cannot put a price on that!




PS: Didn’t you count them to see if chars were 13? Maaaai…

even more PS: number 13 is lucky in our family

This post is also available in: roRomână

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